Building resilient communities

Definity is a people business, inside and out. So, it makes sense that giving back to our communities through volunteerism and community investment is woven into the very fabric of who we are.

In 2023, Definity contributed more than $2.6 million in community support, including $2.3 million to the Definity Insurance Foundation1 to be granted to registered Canadian charities. Our community giving and impact strategy is to invest in organizations that build climate-ready communities through adaptation and resilience, and help drive more equitable outcomes in society, ensuring our investments in our communities align with our values and purpose.

Our employees

We match our employees’ personal donations to Canadian registered charities and are proud to support employees whose volunteer efforts benefit communities across the country and the world. Whether they’re helping at a local food bank or virtually mapping remote locations with the Canadian Red Cross, employees receive paid time off work and volunteer grants to engage in their communities — as individuals or as a team.

In 2023:

Employees logged more than 4,500 volunteer hours

Employees donated almost $135,000 to charities through our iCare giving platform, generating more than $62,000 in matched donations from Definity

Our communities

We invest in the well-being of our communities to create measurable social impact. Actively supporting our neighbours and future generations through national partnerships, scholarships, and local contributions through our family of companies helps us fulfill our purpose of building a better world by helping our clients and communities adapt and thrive.

  • We support equity-deserving groups and employee’s dependents in their pursuit of post-secondary education in communities across Canada through our scholarship programs
  • We improve and support the well-being and resiliency of people across Canada — and their pets — through strategic partnerships
  • We support the communities where we live and work through our network of broker partners, employees, and community relationships


Read more about our investment in our communities

Supporting charitable organizations and programs

To create social impact, the programs we consider for support align with our ambition to build a better world by helping our clients and communities adapt and thrive by:

  • Addressing systemic barriers that prevent marginalized and underserved communities from achieving their potential in society and the economy
  • Helping Canadian communities, households, and businesses understand, prepare for, and respond to climate-related risks
  • Supporting Canadian charities that provide direct community service
  • Have measurable social outcomes in Canada

We don't consider:

  • Political, fraternal, heritage, or religious organizations
  • Boards of trade, chambers of commerce, service clubs, or third-party fundraisers
  • Individual pursuits
  • Sports teams
  • Schools, daycares, student travel, or playgrounds
  • Endowment or memorial campaigns
  • Advertising or promotional initiatives
  • Statues, monuments, artwork, publications, or production projects


To share your initiative with Definity, complete and submit our community investment request form. Requests are reviewed in collaboration with the Definity Insurance Foundation, and you’ll be notified of the status of your request after the applicable review periods at the end of March, June, September, and December.

Questions? Please contact our Community Investment team at


Definity Equity Scholarship Program

We are committed to an inclusive and equitable culture. To support this commitment, the Definity Equity Scholarship program is available to members of equity-deserving groups. The scholarships provide tuition support to students attending post-secondary institutions in Canada who are pursuing a diploma or degree in a field that works toward our goal of making insurance better.

  • 10 scholarships available each year, recipients are determined by committee review
  • Students should have a 75% GPA in their last full school year
  • Each scholarship is $5,000 and is added to the student’s account at their post-secondary institution

Applications are open from July 1 to August 23, 2024.

Definity Dependent Children Scholarship

Every year, we provide $40,000 in academic scholarships for the dependent children of Definity employees.

To apply for a scholarship, complete an application form. Questions? Please email


The Definity Insurance Foundation (Foundation) is an independent1, national philanthropic organization that works with charitable partners across Canada to advance community-led solutions that further climate, health, and socio-economic justice, with a particular focus on those issues faced by Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities. It was initially funded with $100 million of the proceeds of the demutualization of Economical Mutual Insurance Company (now Definity Insurance Company).

Definity Insurance Company committed to contribute 1% of its net profit before taxes annually2, a substantial portion of which is a restricted gift, to the Foundation. Since 2022, Definity has collaborated closely with the Foundation to identify and recommend potential causes for the Foundation to fund, and to make contributions to charities whose activities are aligned to the strategic priorities of both organizations.

Learn more about the Definity Insurance Foundation

1. Definity Insurance Foundation is not an affiliate of Definity Insurance Company, as defined under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada).
2. For at least five years, and subject to a minimum annual unrestricted gift of $250,000